5 of the best healthy restaurants in Barcelona

5 of the best healthy restaurants in Barcelona
30/03/2017 Nice to Eat
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The supply of healthy food restaurants in Barcelona is important and is exponentially growing. We have selected the 5 options that have enthralled our palettes and we recommend for you!

Petit Brot

Petit Brot is the project of Laura and Ales, a couple who radically changed their lifestyle several years ago. They placed their bets on veganism and set out to promote a conscious and responsible lifestyle. They created Petit Brot which specializes on raw vegan food and has gradually built a name for itself.

What do they offer? Petit Brot specializes on cold- pressed juices and super food smoothies. Their wheatgrass shots are a classic too!

You also find raw plant-based milks, salads with homegrown sprouts and micro- greens. Dehydrated foods and a great variety of raw vegan dishes are also an option at Petit Brot!

Everything is made with 100% local, organic and unrefined ingredients. They use cooking methods that facilitate the digestion of food to the consumer.

The local is worth visiting because it was built upon the bio-construction philosophy. Their goal is to offer a toxin- free, sustainable place where one can enjoy “exceptionally nutritious and vibrant foods.”

Address: C/Doctor Dou, 10

Tribu Woki’s Celeri

With 6 restaurants and 7 bio supermarkets, the Tribu Woki group is a benchmark for healthy eating in Barcelona. Its mantra is to offer the best seasonal, local products grown using traditional methods.

Celeri is one of their most successful establishments. At the forefront of this restaurant is Chef Xavier Pellicer. He is renowned for having previously led Michellin-star restaurants such as Àbac and Can Fabes.

His menu is a mix between a tasting menu and healthy eating. He offers gastronomic dishes based on local and healthy products.

Who will like Celeri? Everyone! Celeri has found a way to satisfy all trends and palettes with their menu.

Their secret: All their plates (elaborated with around eight seasonal vegetables) are done in three versions: vegan, vegetarian, and with animal protein.

Address: Passatge Marimón, 5


OBBIO was founded in 2013. The concept emerged from the enthusiasm of Elena Díaz- Morera and Irina Costafreda. They are two friends that envisioned Barcelona with a large, multipurpose space dedicated to healthy eating. Today OBBIO is known for its supermarket, library, and its courses and workshops. It is a trending healthy food restaurant in Barcelona.

They serve a variety of healthy, bio and vegetarian dishes and you can eat “by weight.” This is one of the unique characteristics of this locale. The ingredients are 100% organic, whole wheat, and are mainly seasonal. They stay away from processed foods and cooking methods that alter the properties of food (such as frying or microwave use).

In addition to lunch and dinner, OBBIO sells breakfast or snacks in its cafeteria- bar. It offers freshly squeezed juices, healthy “bocadillos” and a variety of teas.

Other important details: OBBIO has a small and tranquil patio. It is ideal for eating your meal under the Barcelona sun or enjoying the playground with your children.

Address: C/Muntaner, 177

Flax and Kale

Flax and Kale is one of three healthy food restaurants in Barcelona. It was opened by Chef Teresa Carles Borrás. Teresa is an institution in the world of healthy food restaurants. She has dedicated 35 years to cooking with organic vegetables and natural products.

As in all restaurants in her group, Flax and Kale is committed to a cuisine that combines taste, health and sustainability. Its offer promises creativity, carefully selected products, proper cooking methods, and seasonal, local produce.

What differentiates Flax and Kale the most is that it is dedicated to the healthy- flexitarian. That is why 80% of the dishes in their menu are plant based and 20% are dishes that include oily fish.

If you don’t have a “drastic” problem with the consumption of animal protein and would like to enjoy a meal in a trendy restaurant in the heart of Barcelona then this is the option for you!

Address: C/ Tallers, 74B


Located in a local with an industrial feel this restaurant automatically transports you to the coolest places in New York City. OhBo has a menu that is based on top organic products with no labels of any kind!

In fact, they don’t consider themselves a restaurant for extremists, but rather, an open gastronomic offer for all.

Chances are you will like OhBo if you are vegetarian, paleo or raw, but you’ll also fall for it if you’re visiting with your family and looking for a healthy meal!

OhBo has “picapicas,” juices, meat, fish, organic fruits and vegetables, and a kid’s menu. All are done with organic ingredients, no pesticides, antibiotics or any alteration in any given form. Most of their food comes from local fair trade cooperatives.

Both its drinking water and water used for cooking, for infusions and for ice is “made in OhBo.” It is made through a process that provides optimum conditions of quality and purity. If you buy a bottle, a percentage of the profit goes to the Project “Agua para Todos.”

Address: C/ Dr.Fleming, 15


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